The Best Air Purifiers xery H13 True HEPA Filter

The Best Air Purifiers xery H13 True HEPA Filter
The Best Air Purifiers

H13 True HEPA Filter he XREY air purifier can purify a room of 500 square feet in just 30 minutes with the help of a high-efficiency filtration system.
The spaces we live in are full of particulate matter such as dust, smoke, pet hair, and sensitive reaction are triggered by particulate matter in the air

The Ture hepa 13 filter removes 99.99% of pet hair, dust, odors, smoke and more. Effectively improves indoor air quality, ideal for babies, children, the elderly or anyone who wants to improve air quality.

With the company of an air purifier, you can enjoy the clear and natural breathing of the forest even at home.

We are committed to using over 80%sustainable wood to make XREY air purifiers reducing use of plastic and reducing pollution.

Keep the wildfire smoke, smog, and allergens out. We tested standard and HEPA models to find the right one for your home.

WELCOME TO THE future, where clean air is a luxury. From pandemics to wildfires, air purifiers have become the gotta-have-it home appliance. Buildings let in a lot of particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, and vaporous chemicals. Indoor plastics, furniture, paint, and flooring off-gas noxious fumes too. There's also evidence that air filters can help clean Covid-causing virus particles from the air.

Since your home might be your workplace, playground, meditation studio, dine-in restaurant, neighborhood bar, refuge, and movie theater, you want to ensure that the air you're breathing for most of the day is clean. These are our top air purifiers. We ran them in a New York City apartment, a Long Island apartment, a Dallas-area apartment, and a Portland, Oregon home. We tested them during wildfire season and in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. All of these purifiers provided significant anecdotal benefits, from stopping persistent coughs and allergy symptoms, to helping us wake up with clearer sinuses and less raspy throats.

Not sure if you need an air purifier or something else? We have a guide to all the different devices that can help you improve your indoor air quality. For more home tips, take a peek at our other guides, including the Best Robot Vacuums and the Best Mesh Wi-Fi Routers.

Best for Small Rooms
H13 True HEPA Filter
For sheer simplicity and affordability, the H13 True HEPA Filter will do the job for most people's lives, houses, and budgets. The compact, attractive device easily fits into a corner of my bedroom and is effective for spaces up to 361 square feet. It saves energy with an included air quality monitor that turns the machine off when no pollution is detected and automatically increases the fan speed if it detects particles. When my dog plopped down in her bed, or when I cooked bacon with the bedroom door open, the H13 True HEPA Filter roared to life. You'll probably want to turn off the AQ monitor's bright light at night, though. —Adrienne So

Best for Living Rooms
H13 True HEPA Filter splits the room capacity between its bedroom and office model, the 200M, and the excellent H13 True HEPA Filter. This is the perfect size for a typical living room or den. It captures 99.999 percent of particulates down to 0.1 microns, which makes it capable of tackling wildfire smoke and big-city pollution. The washable prefilter keeps the replaceable HEPA filter lasting longer too. And, hey, it looks like the air purifier version of a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim, but in an endearingly hip way; retro without trying to look retro. —Matt Jancer

An Affordable Big-Room Air Purifier
H13 True HEPA Filter
This Honeywell is rated for rooms up to 500 square feet, which is on par with the other large-room air purifiers we tested. It's also very lightweight and easy to pick up and move around with its built-in handle. Inside, it packs two HEPA-grade filters and an activated carbon prefilter for trapping volatile organic compounds such as cooking odors. When air quality dipped inside my apartment, the InSight quickly ramped up its fan and sucked up the odors or invisible particulates. For under $300, you get a strong-performing purifier with an automatic set-it-and-forget-it mode, plus you can tote it from room to room.

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